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Chloe Grace Studio Graphisme
Chloe Grace Studio Graphisme
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Welcome to Chloe Grace, where creativity meets strategy to propel your brand to new levels. The design studio, based between NYC and Paris, specializes in creating customized visual creations that will help you stand out from the crowd and reach your goals.​

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A visual identity is the heart and soul of a brand, it is the perfect combination of its personality and story; that’s why I believe in timeless designs that convey your values and vision.

A visual identity includes various elements such as logo variations, color palette, typography, patterns and other graphic elements.
It is typically used on your web designs and marketing materials such as stationery and packaging.

A brand strategy encompasses various elements necessary to sustain a brand such as its defining words, values, positioning, target audience and overall attitude.

If brand identity is the way your company visually communicates with the world, your brand strategy is the foundation that supports it.

Web design service pays special attention to appearance and layout while creating an effective website with a pleasant and functional user experience.

I ensure that the overall look is consistent with your brand and relevant to your target audience.

Creation of unique and timeless visuals for companies that want to stand out

Why invest in your brand's identity and image?

– Ensure that your brand is unique and stands out from your competitors.

– Increase the value of your company with a more premium look and feel, and thus be able to sell your services/products at higher prices.

– Develop a deeper emotional and cognitive relationship with your customers over the long term.

– To be sure that your brand communication is representative of your values and is consistent.

– To be sure to attract the right customers for your service/product

– Make more sales and increase your revenue, without increasing your marketing costs.

Chloe Grace Who ?

Be ready to elevate your brand to the next level

Hello, I’m Chloe, founder of the ChloeGrace studio.

Passionate about design and all forms of art in general, I founded this studio to help entrepreneurs and small businesses make their brand unforgettable through custom design services.

I want to help them achieve their goals through an authentic, timeless and meaningful visual identity, as well as an online presence in line with their values and vision.

Using creative and marketing strategies, I help brands stand out and reconnect with their target audience.

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